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Montu Dhillon

Montu Dhillon

Sales Representative

What can Montu do for you? The same that he has helped do for others: build a solid investment property portfolio that will provide you with income for the rest of your life.

Although passionate about real estate for a decade, it took a motorcycle crash to finally change the course of his life. After twenty-four fractures and three months of recovery, he launched a 10-year plan to acquire ten properties and retire. In 2 years, he’s acquired 6 units that generate more income than the salary he was dependent on.

Also passionate about nutrition, health and weekly Cross-Fit Training, Montu believes success is dependent on being a jack of all trades. This applies heavily to his mandate as a real estate professional.

Currently, Montu coaches investors to achieve outstanding results using industry leading technology and his vast experience in the investment property realm.  His mantra, "Invest in yourself."