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David Elliott

David Elliott

Sales Representative

David brings over 10 years of marketing, customer service, sales and management experience (and an unwavering support of Toronto) to the real estate world. He says his love for this city stems from the diversity in Toronto, the food scene, attractions, fact pace, buzz and picturesque skyline. To David, this city has it all...except mountains, but who needs mountains when we have all of these beautiful towers? 

When he escapes the city, David loves adventure. Want proof? Just ask David about his experiences travelling no less than 29 countries and 250 cities to date (you’ll definitely want to hear about his skydiving in Australia and 4 years living in South Korea).

As much as travel and adventure are a part of David's life, home is where the heart is. His passion for family, friends, food/cooking (spicy isn't spicy enough), hashtags, and TO sports keep him very busy. 

 Final thought from David: "Karma is my religion and #NoRegrets is my hashtag!"